1/10 Size Violins

The following 1/10 size violins are in stock and ready to purchase:

S0556 - Euro, Basic Oil, Model 067, 2003, Romania
S0615 - Euro, Basic Antiqued, Model 067N, Romania
S3043 - Euro, Basic Antiqued, Model 065N, Romania
S3378 - Euro, Standard Antiqued, 2012, Romania
S3477 - Ancona, China

S4418 - Euro, Unlabelled Antique Oil, Romania

C0568 - Unlabelled, Germany
C0542 - Stentor, UK

Sets (includes bow and case)

S2976 - Scott Cao, China/USA

C0483 - Samuel Eastman, 2007, VL80 set, China

The following violins are not yet set-up to our high standards, but we would be happy to get them ready for you if you would like to try them!

C0284 - Helmke Viotti - French Engineered

Last updated March 26, 2016