1/10 Size Violins

The following instruments are similar or equal to what we carry and what we have carried in the past. Our stock varies from time to time. Please call or email if you have any questions about stock. 

S0556 - Euro, Basic Oil, Model 067, 2003, Romania
S0615 - Euro, Basic Antiqued, Model 067N, Romania
S3043 - Euro, Basic Antiqued, Model 065N, Romania
S3378 - Euro, Standard Antiqued, 2012, Romania
S3477 - Ancona, China

S4418 - Euro, Unlabelled Antique Oil, Romania

C0568 - Unlabelled, Germany
C0542 - Stentor, UK

Sets (includes bow and case)

C0483 - Samuel Eastman, 2007, VL80 set, China

Last updated March 26, 2016