We have a wide selection of bows for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. 
We carry high end bows made by excellent makers as well as good quality student models and everything in between! The following are some of the bow makers we carry:


  • G. Werner 
  • Josef Richter
  • Egidius Dorfler
  • André Werlong
  • Alexandro Carvalho
  • C.F. Ribeiro
  • Luan Ruy
  • Manoel Francisco
  • Flavio Rupf
  • Deonisio Oioni
  • Elias Guasti
  • José G. Bottoni
  • Wilhelm Rahm
  • Man Eugen
  • Ronaldo A Siqueira
  • Vanderson Schaeffer
  • Cuniot-Hury
  • L. Bazin
  • A. Vigneron
  • Hill

We also carry the ever popular carbon fibre bows in a range of prices and colours.
Brands include:


  • Coda Bow
  • J.T. Prism
  • K. Holtz
  • Cadenza
  • J.T. Jet
  • J. Tabary