1/4 Size Violins

The following instruments are similar or equal to what we carry and what we have carried in the past. Our stock varies from time to time. Please call or email if you have any questions about stock.

S0550 - Suzuki, 1977, Japan
S0564 - Josef Jan Dvorak, Czech Republic
S0612 - Stentor, UK/China
S1237 - Hans Wagner, 1983, Number 98, West Germany
S1240 - Strad Copy, Czechslovakia (SOLD)
S1375 - No Label, China
S1377 - No Label, China (SOLD)
S1378 - No Label, China (SOLD)
S1457 - No Label, China (SOLD)

S1610 - Shanghai Conservatory, China
S1649 - 
Euro, Basic Antiqued, Model 067N, 2010, Romania
S2018 - No Label, China
S2124 - Samuel Eastman, VL80, 2006, China
S2224 - 
AMIS S.A, Strad copy, 1997, Romania (SOLD)
S2539 - Genial Violins, "Toplita", Romania
S2555 - Kiso Suzuki Violin Company Ltd, 1971, Japan
S3035 - Sheng Liu, Model # 2, China

S3200 - Sheng Liu, Model # 2, China
S3432 - Shimro, 2006, Model 501, Korea
S3611 - Scott Cao Student, China (SOLD)
S3837 - Suzuki,Model 101RR, Japan (SOLD)
S3867 - No label, China
S4372 - Gliga, 2004, Romania
S4427 - Euro Standard "Zoo" Giraffe
S4437 - 
Euro Standard "Zoo" Leopard
S4439 - Euro Standard "Zoo" Giraffe
S4441 - Euro Standard "Zoo" Cow
S4442 - Euro Standard "Zoo" Dalmatian

C0305 - Chinese
C0340 - Suzuki, Model 101, 1975, Japan
C0405 - No Label, China

The following violins are not yet set-up to our high standards, but we would be happy to get them ready for you if you would like to try them!

S0246 - SHAR, "Twinkle", 1987, USA
S2211 - No Label, China

Last updated April 15, 2014